Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lead Teacher Hui

Lead Teacher Hui was a day full of relationship beginnings, sharing of research journeys and learning about Picasa 3 and its usefulness for photo management and narrative documentation.  Liz took us through Photo Story 3 and since the hui Christine at Dannevirke has shared with her team and empowered them to make digital stories of tamariki using this programme.  Irene took her knowledge of Picasa 3 from our vibrant Emma back and the beautiful collages on the KIDSPACE Blog are abound, they show Te Whariki in a meaningful and very appealing way... well done Tamara on your developing social skills collage.  Cathy's success with self-review and her examples in the team folder, acknowledged by ERO as exemplary just showed us how achievable this self-review will be.  Ann Hatherly help us to unpack what self-review is and is not, and she was well impressed with the shared understandings were around the room.   I hope everyone continues their connections and shares their challenges and discoveries here on our cluster blog  and through the Lead Teacher notebook with teams. 

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