Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips for Presentations

There comes a time when you will tell or have been asked to tell your research story.  This can fill you with excitement and dread and on the day, the urge to flee!...For those of you preparing presentations for our Cluster Hui or for Association Hui or just thinking about presenting at ULearn, yay for you! There are loads of great presenting tips and eResources out there for you.  Naketa, our Auckland facilitator has shared this one on Techy Tips for not so Techy Teachers   and following the success of centre presentations at Auckland Cluster Lead Teacher Hui you could try presenting Pecha Kucha Style.  Whatever you do I suggest you watch Extreme Makeover for Power Point, because it told me so much about the mistakes I was making and reducing the effectiveness of presentations.  Some golden rules are to keep to time, Pecha Kucha could help with that as there are 20 seconds of narration per slide and 20 slides which really helps you focus on sharing the important parts with others, another is to rehearse with others and get a feel of where you are going to pause and for how long,  you could ask some reflective questions at the beginning and return to them at the end too.   A significant part of your presentation must require the audience to participate, think about which parts lend themselves to this and what conversations could be facilitated.  All great changes begin with ideas and these are often sparked by conversations, if you want your presentation to be effective give time to a 'talk fest' for the audience not the speaker/s!.  Check out Olivia Mitchell's Blog, Elaine, our Nelson/Canterbury facilitator has found this very useful for information on planning and presenting, you can even sign up to receive her guide and newsletter for free.   Best of all the ECE Team has created a whole lot of resources to guide you through the crafting and presenting process of dissemination which you will find in the online workshops area in our ECE ICT PL Site.  
I am really looking forward to hear you share the incredible mahi so far, there is nothing more powerful for teachers than to hear each other's stories, so be real, be confident and enjoy the moment, say to yourself "I'm going to help these Teachers today" and you will.

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