Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Derek's Keynote:ECE Curriculum affirmed

Weave a story-Derek used an online application called cooliris to showcase his presentation, i am SO migrating from power point to this!!!

The future's not what it used to be!

From gadgets to change in management...Schon "I have believed in an afterlive while I am alive". One day things will be stable again? once this new curriculum comes through things will go back to what it used to be? reflectiv moments for all of us about change being a certainty-why don't we get that yet? really do you? do you embrace it?

Derek talked about his 11 year old son in many contexts. At age 11 I think of my grandmother. When she was 11 it was 1909 -in 1909 they opened up the Sueez Canal. Louis Bleriot was the first man to fly across the english channel-how much we take travel for granted...

Why am I saying all this stuff?

They had no idea, comprehension, like us of what is coming! and the impacts of Sea, Air, Road Travel, electricity in our lives

What do we want for our curriculum?

Connected, confident children
Lifelong learners

Derek showed us a video children had made asking for the kind of Teacher they needed in their classroom at PT England School. What a fabulous idea, what if we had our children, and we know they could!, record their own ad to attract the teachers they want, need, deserve in their centres.

Derek totally validated Early Childhood and our dynamic, child-constructed curriculum as a model of where schools want to be with their curriculum. There were images of children at Manaia Kindergarten investigating a log with the digital microscope and laptops all around them. "These children are coming into your classrooms"... from these co-operative and inquiring environments as connected and as confident as much as their Teachers aspire, he reminded the primary majority audience at Ulearn.

To me I am so aware of how my expectations of people come into play, if they are high then people rise to it! Every teacher from your cluster around the table at dinner last night blew me away with their excitement for learning and intensely reflective conversations. I am privileged to hear and blown away by the wisdom I work with.

Children think differently: Think in 3D-Children have the ability to think about what is behind something and what is beside it, we don't think in 3D, we think of those blue and red glasses and sitting back watching monsters jump out at us!

Up in the clouds-we are so nervous about putting our documents 'up in the clouds' on the internet. We heard from the Dp from a school who is ditching the server on site and using library catalogues online, moodle for organising planning, storing children's eportfolios, videos, podcasts... It's about time we took a leap of faith, my Picasa Albums are working beautifully for me and so mobile compared to a hardrive. I take all images from visits and workshops and upload as I need to and save the concern of loosing the project data of ten fabulous centres in the ECE ICT PL Programme 2009.

Running out of battery life... but hope you enjoy these gems from Ulearn as much as I do!

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