Monday, November 9, 2009

Margie's Korero for Cluster Hui this Saturday

The Wearable Arts Exhibition moves back to Nayland Kindergarten, Nelson.
Presenter: Margie Meleisea for Nayland Kindergarten Team.

One of the biggest losses to the Nelson community was the move to Wellington of its home grown successful Wearable Arts. In 2008, Nayland Kindergarten children and teachers started their own annual visual art exhibition.
This workshop focuses on how children and teachers have used ICT to support the development of visual arts as a strength for Nayland Kindergarten.

An art critic commented that the children's art work was comparable to works seen in the European Art World. Exhibitions remind us of the magic way children see their world and celebrate it through the use of multimodal media. Come and share this journey with us.

Margie Meleisea:
Talofa Lava,
I have been involved with Nayland Kindergarten for 8 years. First as a parent, then chairperson of the committee, administrator and then after completing my GardDip ECE in 2007/08 became the fourth teacher in July 2008. I am currently in my second year of teacher registration.
I am married with four children aged 8yrs to 14yrs. family. My family is passionate about family, music, dance and sport.
(Along with this we are also quite manic at times and very loud!)
I have a background in child protection work and I am passionate about children, culture and community.

Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa
Me mihi ki nga taonga tuku iho

Ko Margaret Cole raua ko Frederick Neve oku matua tipuna ki te taha o toku whaea
Ko Peto Su raua ko Niupulusu Fui oku matua tipuna ki te taha o toku matua
Ko Elwynne Su toku whaea
Ko Peniamina Su toku matua. Kua mate toku matua inaianei
Ko Margie Meleisea toku ingoa

Ko Tala Meleisea toku hoa rangatira
Ko Penni, Ko Fa’avae, Ko Cole ratou ko Joseph aku tamariki
Ko Penni te matamua, ko Joseph te potiki
Ko Fa’avae raua ko Cole nga tamariki kei waenganui.

Ko Wharepapa te maunga
Ko Matahi te awa
Ko Taitapu toku moana
Ko Palauli, ki Hamoa te iwi o toku matua
Ko Greymouth, Aotearoa te kainga tuturu o toku whaea
Ko Hamoa toku kainga tuturu, engari, e tipu ana ahau Ki Aotearoa
He kaiako ahau ki te kura pepi o Nayland ki whakatu
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa
Kia tau te rangimarie ki a tatou katoa.

Looking forward always
Tofa Soifua for now.

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  1. Thank you for the inspiring presentation on the art work from Nayland Kindergarten. It was truly magical. The presentation opened my eyes to how creative children can be with the right environment and support. I sometimes think that children are held back because of our own concerns and ideas.
    As a teacher I will try to follow the children's own ideas more and see where it goes, and try not to worry about the mess and how much paint and things we are using !! Thank you Margie.

    From Rachel
    Frederick Street Kindergarten, Hastings