Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sharing Carlyle and Irongate@Ulearn

Thank-you to those within our cluster who supported us with valued feedback when we rehearsed for Ulearn '09 in the lead up to the conference. Our session was very successful, and both teams spoke extremely well, delivering very special stories to the audience. Some gems from that moment are;

A loan camera can reduce disparity in home resources
Children can build ICT capacity within the Kindergarten context alone, this transfers easily to home
Email is an exciting communication tool, allowing stories form ECE to travel around the world

Boys have a natural curiosity in ICT and this supports and develops multiliteracy
Children can teach adults how to use narrative documentation applications such as 'Comic Life'
Google gives children instant, current knowledge to increase their own and teachers faster than any other research tool to date
Children's own leaving DVD makes an excellent premier film on their last day with popcorn!

Arohanui to the learning communities of Irongate and Carlyle Kindergartens, without your taonga (children) the ECE ICT PL Programme would not be possible and as ataahua!

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