Friday, July 17, 2009

Introducing Picasa 3, free from Google

This flip book Taster was made for free by uploading my pdf notes made in Power Point for mac to Issuu. You can make your own library of flip books to share too. If I can do it, so can you! last year I hadn't skyped, blogged or attached photos :) This last couple of weeks has been fabulous, i have caught up with my beautiful girls! I have a vet clinic in the bathtub and paintings on the line to prove it. I have also had an opportunity to find out more about flip books as an option for the publishable exemplar for centres within the Hawkes Bay Cluster. What do you think? If you are have trouble opening this try clicking here
The purpose of this flip book is to introduce you to the free photo management application from Google called Picasa 3. Below are links for you to download and learn more...
Download Picasa 3 for windows
Download Picasa 3 for mac
Dowload Picasa 3 Web Albums
Picasa Movie making tutorial you tube
Introducing Picasa 3 you tube
Picasa Collage you tube
Back up photos in Picasa
Geo-tagging photos with Picasa and Google Earth


  1. Having trouble getting the video bar and the flipbook taster to play.
    David at Hunter Park

  2. Clicked on the video bars bottom hyperlink and got the video

  3. Hi David, The video is made by Common Craft, they offer great tutorial videos on Blogs, Wiki's and other 'techy' discoveries in plain english that are perfect for learners to get an idea of how these work. I have embedded a link to the flip book on Issuu in this post now, however it is working fine my end :)