Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Children learn global citizenship on Panwapa

Those amazing people at Sesame Street Workshop made Panwapa two years ago to encourage children to be responsible global citizens…its purpose is to…

1. Create an awareness of the wider world

2. Appreciate similarities and value diversity amongst people

3. Take responsibility for own behaviour

4. Participate in a local and global community

What great principals and I can say as a parent I have really enjoyed my daughters experiences on the site as they created their own homes, flags and costumes. The girls are neighbours and can communicate with each other and children around the world by visiting islands, mountains, villages and leaving notes in letterboxes. All this with their own nickname and position in New Zealand.

Panwapa also offers videos of kids around the world and an opportunity to learn about different countries. Mind you I am awfully found of anything which is developed by the Sesame Street Company. Their values of caring, sharing, honesty and knowing ‘who is in your neighbourhood’ are throughout their creations. I certainly like the idea of my children learning about a safe and connected global children’s community this way.

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