Sunday, August 23, 2009

We could not bare to loose everything!

Are we still not backing up people?

Netsafe found that 51% of ECE services are still not backing up their precious records, it was still true in our workshop on Friday. Thinking about loosing it all will up the sales of external hard drives this week. Our own Ian now has a corner in the ECE ICT PL Online community which gives some great detailed advice including the fact that the price of External Hard Disks has dropped a lot, it is now possible to get a usb 500GB external drive for under $200.
Hector's Safety Button caused some interesting discussion. The dolphin who swims on the corner of your screen when clicked can cover an offensive image with an underwater scene.

Teachers were concerned that this is after children have been exposed, many are going to try Kidzui as a preventative tool;

"KidZui is designed from children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. KidZui has a focus on children’s online safety, but they also try to expand the content available to children online. Rather than using filters, KidZui trains and enlists parent and teachers to search out content that is appropriate for children even if it was not designed expressly for children."
Wikipedia, 2009. Please let us know how this goes!

Thank-you to all who had so much to offer, ponder and tutor-Kirby in the picture above talked through creating passworded user accounts on windows! Please get your hands on your centre's green booklet Netsafe Kit for ECE, to download a pdf copy click here and make sure your centre is firewalled, anti-viral, backed-up, and modelling safe and responsible internet safety to our global cybercitizens of the future.

It is a child's right under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to

"Collect information from the media-radio, newspaper, television, all around the world AND for them to be protected from the information that could harm them."
(Article 17)

is about protecting children and young people. It is also about making sure that the voices of children and young people are heard in all matters affecting them. If we are to honour this convention then we must ensure we show them how to navigate, research and blog the internet safely :)

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  1. Great Cyber safety course, thanks again Janine. And yes, we are backing up now!! As for the group photos-so many attractive women in early childhood and intelligent too!!! lol. x