Monday, August 3, 2009

CORE Retreat inspiration

Last week I flew to Christchurch and met with the CORE team at the gorgeous location of Akaroa. (That's me, front row, far right with the huge smile, loving every minute of being round like-minded souls)
The purpose of our retreat was to come together as a team who are spread around the country and who work with several communities like our Hawkes Bay Cluster spread from Napier to Dannevirke.
We had a fantastic time working in teams to talk about present and future CORE projects. There is a wealth of talent in CORE and no shortage of creative potential. I worked with the people who brought you the Key Competencies site.

How exciting it was to be talking about websites for educating communities which include rich digital stories presented by children, if you haven't watched these already please do!
I particularly like one comment in the students discuss the key competencies area which beautifully summed up the competency of 'thinking' from a child... "Thinking is like chocolate, you can live without it, but its just not as much fun!"

One of the highlights for me which I will bring into my work was to learn more about filming while watching the production of new videos which will feature on CORE Ed Talks, these are inspiring education conversations. One such CORE breakfast talk by Tony Ryan on "Engagement" I found funny, challenging and honest, he reminds me how important it is for Teachers to be doing what they love, I am fortunate to be one of these people at present, CORE in every way allows me this incredible privilege.

To hear Tony's CORE Ed Talk click here, what a great way to start your day, any day where you wake up and there is not a white chalk line around your body is a good one according to 'the Ryan' !! :)

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