Thursday, September 10, 2009

BloggingBeauties@Irongate Kindergarten

Maria and Serena premier their blog to their receptive colleagues at Irongate Kindergarten.. under the watchful (and helpful) eyes of Janine! Apologies for prematurely posting an invitation on this blog the other day - unbeknown to me everybody got an e-mail alert after I deleted my error!! But many thanks for the excited, if somewhat confused, phone calls of interest and support. We plan to get our team on board and practice some more before launching to our whaanau next term. So we will be sure to let you all know when you too can see what we have been so busy doing. Again, thanks to Janine for enabling and supporting us with our vision. Thanks also to Hunter Park and Manaia Kindergarten for their amazing blogs that have helped us immensely as we ventured into the world of blogging. Watch this space...


  1. Oh how fabulous!! you guys look so proud and happy, what a buzz to have achieved this in such a short space of time. Wickedly proud of your spark and mindfulness with this new 'reciprocal relationship' tool.

    I have been waiting for this collaborative Cluster Blog to have multiple voices so you made my night groovy chicks :)

    One is wondering what event is going to launch this Irongate styles!, mmm...

  2. you guys looking hot hot hot.....doing a great job and can't wait to visit you guys and will have to bring my daughter as know she will love it.
    Kirby ( from Parent and Child )

  3. Congratulations Irongate Kindergarten on getting your blog up and running! Blogging has become such an embedded part of our curriculum now and so important for sharing our learning with our families, whanau and the whole world! Believe me, it just gets easier and easier and very soon your children will be asking "can be blog this!" Our children and whanau taking ownership of the blog has been inspirational and so motivating to keep on posting. Look forward to be invited to view your blog. Well done!
    Tania - Manaia Kindergarten (currently ICT Facilitator for Auckland:-)