Friday, September 11, 2009

Cybersafety Agreement in plain language

So you've gone to Cybersafety Training, now what will it look like implementing the User Agreement for Whanau and Manuhiri at your centre?...

STEP 1: Read the Cybersafety agreement till you all know it well... I have put it in plain language for you in this post.

STEP 2: Implement Cybersafety Policy and Personnel Agreement first-then you all have an understanding of Cybersafety and the use of ICTs in the team.

STEP 3: Give out copies to Whanau/Manuhiri, ask for feedback, give them time to read, but realize the conversation with them will be most important and memorable. Thats why having a plain language overview like this is so great.

STEP 4: Those who bring it back-copy the signed form and return it to them for their records. Particularly those Whanau/Manuhiri using ICT at the Kindergarten. Any whanau who are volunteering there need to read, understand and sign this.

A great idea from Netsafe is to have their posters AND make your own like this one I made with Picasa Collage for Irongate Kindergarten;

Cameras will be checked in case any images containing children who’s picture can’t be shared is removed, everyone needs to be saying the same thing, and be as casual as possible as for some there is much cyber-fear, for example;

“That’s what we do at our centre so that our Tamariki are protected”.

Define appropriate use and centre related activities-any use of an ICT that does not indirectly or direct benefit tamariki, whanau, kaiako and the wider learning community is NOT appropriate or something done in personal time or offsite.

The Cybersafety User Agreement also states that any image and material brought INTO the service has to be appropriate

If anyone is unsure they talk to the supervisor/head teacher who decides overall what is appropriate, the team all know what he/she thinks is appropriate and are in agreement. This person also must be asked BEFORE you take photos, video-(or anyone in the team if you agree on this.

Whanau/manuhiri need to know that kaiako can ASK to look at anything on these ICTs AND ask for it to be DELETED. They must not save, print, send, copy or share anything illegal or inappropriate. Its best to talk about this as a Team as to how you would support each other in such a situation and protect the well-being of Whanau/Manuhiri.

If you give them any passwords these must be confidential to Whanau/manuhiri While using the centre’s ICTs they musn’t search for anyone else’s files or photos. They also can’t download software to any of your devices.

Any centre files, even if they are on someone else’s ICTs are the property of the centre-this means if you have a student teaher/akonga working on learning stories on their laptop, this is still service property. You need to korero to the student about what will happen to these and their training institute's ethical procedures and consents. The most important thing a student can do is to share these as soon as possible with the Whanau and at the very least by the last day of Teaching Practicum. I had an experience once with an Akonga who had done a study on Bryony and I saw it two years later and did not even know it had been done! I know they will have the best intentions but until they graduate, their study and not your service is on their mind lol

I hope this post helps, and I also invite Carlyle to please post their Whakaaro and critiques on cybersafety tools, Hector the Dolphin Safety Button and Kidszui, how are they working for you?...also have you explored the resources in Hector's World yet?

CORE and NETSAFE would enjoy your feedback as this is currently in development...

"Hector’s World activities and resources are designed to help younger children learn about online safety. These Hector’s World resources are free and are intended to maximise the digital citizenship learning from the Hector’s World episodes."(Netsafe, 2009) After watching the Cybersafety Bullying episode Bryony wanted to watch more and more and told me "You have to tell an adult if someone is sending silly pictures of you to your phone." GOOD STUFF !!

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