Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wordle your blog

Just preparing my top ten applications for Teachers of young children presentation at Ulearn. My test audience was compelled to make her own wordle for her daughter.

Wordle is an online application where you paste or write a whole lot of text and it creates a word collage for you.

What we discovered is you need to use the print screen key on windows then paste it into paint and crop. From there Picasa found it and we pulled it into a collage with lots of beautiful photos of the child. This got me thinking that a wordle in a collage could be printed as a great placemat for children at home, centre or school to boost self-esteem and create deeper understanding of and relationships with children. Tracey will be sharing her examples in our presentation.

Another amazing trick performed by wordle is to give you a vocabulary stocktake of your Blog. All you do is choose the second option and paste the url of your blog into wordle and click go... here is mine and I am very stoked to see children as the largest and most frequently used word!!

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