Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stealing music steals dreams...

As an Author would we want someone to steal our words and use them as their own? Why don't we consider Musicians in the same light? You may think you do but you download copyrighted music and burn it as a track on DVDs for children and families convince yourself that it is OK and you are not hurting anyone and after all who is going to mind?...
I had a conversation with Anthony Stretch from The Septembers who have just released their debut album, here is one of their groovy tracks I've been enjoying. Stretch who was raised in the Hawkes Bay reminded me there's something very wrong in that.

When you have worked very hard to make your dream happen in the music industry and people have this belief that it's their right to download or copy songs for free, they are taking what you deserve away, they are taking their dream of making a living doing what you love.

So what's the alternative? as Shazza would say "Consider your content" and get creative with applications like Garage Band If you are a windows user try a site called Morton Subotnick's Creating Music where children can compose their own music and play music puzzles and games. Use the copyright-free music avaliable at muse open, BEST of all have the children play instruments and narrate/sing over their own images. You will give the digital story more meaning and the track will not overtake or distract from the messages in your movie.

Let's start early and help children to love, learn and make music... and who knows...maybe one day they will dream their own album!

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