Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A parcel from England

WOW!! We had a special parcel arrive at Kindergarten today. It came all the way from England. Way back in August, Tylah wrote a letter at kindergarten to her family in England. Lots of other children also wrote letters to their families too. We went for a walk to the post office and posted our letters and today Tylah got a reply!! How exciting... We talked about where in the world this special parcel had come from before Tylah opened it. What was inside? We all waited..... A special letter from Tylah's family as well as a book about London for kindergarten and some lollies to
share with all of the children. What a wonderful surprise. It was
so amazing for us all to be a part of this exciting experience.
A special thank you to Tylah and her family for their support
and taking so much time to share themselves with us all at
Irongate Kindergarten. Maybe we could sent some thank you
letters and photos all the way back to England.

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