Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sharing Lucknow@Ulearn

If you have six minutes to watch this video it will change your life and within it you will hear Severn Suzuki, only 12 years old from the Environmental Children's Organisation, she speaks for all children, including your own. When she exclaims "You are what you do NOT what you say and what you adults do makes me cry at night"... I feel ashamed and propelled to DO all that I can to sustain, appreciate and protect this beautiful earth for our children and the future unknown.

These handouts honour the mahi of the team at Lucknow Kindergarten in creating an environmentally conscious learning zone. Their story was funded by the Ministry of Education, and therefore all New Zealanders, for this we thank you and offer these thoughts...

This intellectual property is protected under Copyright Law. Please do not copy or distribute without permission from the authors Christine Chittock and Janine Durno and contact CORE Eduction Ltd for details. Check out our Programme and first live, global spotlight from Lucknow Kindergarten! Just found it today after Christine and I gifted the extraordinary practices in environmental sustainability and told the audience it was not quite live yet, awesome mahi, well done Te Whanau o Lucknow Kindergarten.

To view the spotlight on the Ministry of Education's Educate website click here


  1. Hi Hawkes bay - thank you for your inspiring blog post - I will share it with our Kindergarten. We have begun our sustainable lifestyle journey and have begun to plant and grow our own strawberries. We have the tools to create a worm farm and at the moment we have a chook incubating some duck eggs. We hope to have chooks too - Lucknow - How do you keep your chooks? Are they free range, do they have a run? What is their 'enclosure' made out of? Looking forward to your response. From Beverly at Manaia Kindergarten

  2. At Lucknow our hens are usually in an enclosure from kiwibackyard.co.nz Sometimes they run free in the back garden. When there are baby chicks we keep them locked in and safe.
    Love to talk more about this.