Sunday, January 10, 2010

Choosing the extraordinary...

To read Detavio's inspirational Blog, click here Detavio describes himself as a 'servant leader', I have not heard that description yet, but it resonates with me, one who leads through serving others. I feel that naturally as teachers, this is what we do, serve colleagues and families and discover somewhere down the we are leading them in new directions they might not have seen possible. Equally so they reciprocate this for you as their facilitator, coach, teacher and friend.

Is not the strongest influence the stories and passion of others? Energy rubs off on me and I search for like minded souls, I definitely like what Detavio has to say and will keep reading and choosing the extraordinary actions within moments. Detavio also writes about 'going hard' and not settling for the current situation, although fantastic and the best you may have known, there is more if you just imagine and work as hard as Jordan, Obama and the Mother Teresa's of this world. Here is what Detavio defines as the act of going hard at your life...

"Making a commitment to stand, fight, and push the limits in order to follow our passions, be the best in the world, build upon our strengths, and ultimately reach our maximum potential."

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