Thursday, February 11, 2010

Computer Whispering

Love these comedian goddesses, have so for years, and am sharing this because it makes light of the intense frustrations we can all feel at times with our much loved and tapped upon, pieces of sophisticated metal. Many of the people's fears of ICT are born from growing up in a generation with old dinosaur versions which did clap out, go blank and crash at random moments, we need to remember how robust these machines are now. While I don't advise you put your cellphone through washing cycle or roll your camera through the sandpit, i have heard more stories about ICTs surviving these incidents than completely failing in a pit of corruption lately. So this is reassuring, one application that I have found useful that I got from my own 'apple man' has been great when thinks are getting quirky;

This free application called Yasu is designed to be the first step in tidying up a mac that has started playing up, just remember to untick the reset permissions so you don't need to enter all those passwords again, if like me, that is a pain and what are my passwords again??? :)

Just Google it! one centre I worked with could not turn publisher documents into pdfs, so we google searched the whole question...
"How to convert a publisher document to pdf on windows?" and found several free applications to download that would help us to do this.

Its taken me a while to change my ways of doing, I would definitely prefer someone to sit with me and talk through applications and I love doing this for others. So in a way I aspire to be a computer whisperer! Until then I am thankful for the internet and google searching for times when a techy is not on hand, besides it is even more satisfying to find it out and fix it yourself!

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