Friday, February 19, 2010

Publishing children's books for free

This is an online book, shared by David MacGregor, you will find all sorts of free and facinating books on the online publishing site Issuu. This is a small blurb from David;

A short childrens book I wrote and illustrated for my son when he was 4 years old. I lived in another country from him. The book was a birthday gift. It is just an artifact from life. People seem to enjoy it. Some have suggested publishing it commercially - but I am happy to share it here: free for all to enjoy.

The BEST thing about Issuu is the ability to publish your own books and receive comments from other publishers and readers. A few weeks ago Bryony and I worked on this book about two little elephants, She illustrated and I wrote the text. I then took close up shots of the drawings with the macro setting on my camera and cropped the pictures into power point slides. From there I converted into a pdf, Issuu takes really large size pdfs and gives you many formats for publishing.

From there you can easily embed any filp book to blogger, imagine children's generated stories like this onto their own ePortfolio, that's what I plan to put much effort into for my little artist daughters, then we can share with family and friends round the country. This week Bryony and I received a comment from an Issuu reader, who is a graphic designer, praising her illustrations and asking for a series! What a buzz!!

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