Friday, May 7, 2010

I've been teaching all day Mummy!

This week I worked with my daughter and her classmates to learn to use the digital camera, download and produce a visual story in Comic Life or Photo Story 3.

Bryony was a natural at giving directions and patiently allowing children to learn for themselves! When we got home she told me how tired she was from Teaching ALL DAY! The following day, with a little negotiation and some tears she agreed to let others be trained as peer tutors too lol, with the understanding that once you have learnt something-the more you can share it-the more people will learn it, and THAT is what makes a great teacher.

Over two days the children took turns to try photography and digital storytelling with Photo Story 3, another easy programme for young children and nervous teachers to master. The children felt like pilots with the headset on, recording their narration to pictures. As the stories were played back the room went silent and they were captivated by their classmates voices.

I don't think there is anything more rewarding for me and now my daughter has felt it, when children learn something new and are completely in awe and excited by it, wanting to return to it, repeat it and learn more...

That's why I'm a teacher, what a BUZZ :)

To download a free trial of Comic Life click here
To download a pdf of helpful Comic Life notes click here
To download the free digital storytelling software for Windows, Photo Story 3, click here
To watch a tutorial you tube on Photo Story 3 without a drone speaking click here

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