Monday, July 5, 2010

ULearn, UThink, UChange, UTeach better!

One of the most live changing experiences for me was the cross sector conversations and exposure to ideas and experts at ULearn in 2009. I had never even heard of the conference, until my work with CORE in the ECE ICT PL Programme. Click here to check out the team's brilliant spotlights on ECE ICT Innovations from the programme 2006-2009 on the iLead website.

Honestly if the project hadn't sponsored spaces for Early Childhood Teachers to attend and present I think I, along with my early childhood colleagues, would easily misinterpret ULearn as just another primary conference, but we would be so wrong. I was so inspired and challenged by it. My mind buzzed for nights there, its a wonder I slept at all!. ULearn is the largest technology in Education conference in New Zealand, hosted by CORE and in Christchurch every October.

I am hopeful I will be there next year, I want to take my small team of teachers. I remember meeting a principal on the bus back to the main arena after a breakout at ULearn '09 who told me she brings her whole school! 14 teachers, from Auckland...

"It is the only way we can all be on the same page together, if only one or two go, it takes too long for change to ripple through our school."

The fabulous team at CORE on the 5th-9th October, will provide another outstanding conference for Teachers across all sectors, and I hope that this post may prompt or generate interest in attending from readers, go ahead! its worth it!

To find out more about this amazing educational cross sector conference and to registration go to

$645 + GST

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  1. Kia ora Janine
    Thanks for telling everyone about this. It certainly is a conference that inspires teachers and I would have to agree that it is professionally life changing if you have never been. Ann